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Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK is working to support these services in Zimbabwe. Find out more and see what each charity is doing by following the links

Edith Duly Care Home
Senior Citizen Service
Mater Dei Hospital
Verity Amm Soup Kitchen


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Anita's Poem

Anita Van der Heiden writes poetry and has allowed us to add one to this site. Anita was involved in a car accident at age 9.  Anita cannot talk, is virtually blind and she is a paraplegic. She writes with the aide of a talking computer.

Click on the picture to read the poem

Anita Van der Heiden


Sean Kelly of ZAF donating US$165   to Queen Mary House on behalf of   the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London



   Winnie at work...



   Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK

   Supporting Verity Amm Soup Kitchen   Staff at work in the Verity Amm kitchen



ZAF logo

Registered Charity

Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK is a registered charity.

Registered Charity Number: 1144880.

What we do ...

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK (ZAF) has been established for the purpose of raising money and sourcing medical equipment and consumables to support the pensioners in Zimbabwe. The plight of the elderly is one of the less publicised outcomes of Zimbabwe's social, economic and political collapse.

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Who we are ...

The ZAF fundraising Committee has been set up to organise and co-ordinate fund raising events. The Committee would like to thank everyone who helps raise funds for the projects we support. If you would like to join us and get involved in fund raising, you would be most welcome as we need more volunteers. For further information please call Sean Kelly on 07765522194.

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We support ...

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund is proud to support a number of facilites and organisations which provide invaluable and life saving support to the elderly in Zimbabwe.

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International Support

ZAF UK works closely with the Zimbabwe Aid Fund in Australia and acknowledges their friendship and support.

Winnie assisting Mrs D...

...and Mrs S

Supporting the Edith Duly Care Home

Zimbabwe Aid Fund Shop launched

Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK have launched an On line Shop to sell our popular Birthday and Events Calendar and the GRAZE cookbook.

Birthday and Events Calendar No more excuses for forgetting your spouse’s, partner’s or mother-in-law’s birthday or your wedding anniversary with the Birthday and Events Calendar!
For something different as a gift, this unique Birthday and Event Calendar contains over 90 wonderful photographs from Southern Africa, predominantly Zimbabwe, taken by Sean Kelly.
The printing is of a very high quality as is the paper used for each months page.

Graze We Grew Up With And Other Delicious Skof
Recipes that will bring memories flooding back or for people who have never visited Zimbabwe provide the perfect introduction. GRAZE contains a variety of delicious recipes and numerous wonderful photographs and historical information about the country. This is a limited edition and each copy is numbered.

Handing over medicines, glasses and other medical consumables and equipment to Dr Willie Legg and Dr Janet Condon. All were kindly donated by UK donors.

Leila Hunt the GM of Edith Duly speaking with one of the residents Miss Mossop, a former teacher at Oriel Girls.

Anne Shuttleworth, a junior school teacher from Sydney handing over letters from her students to Billy Dally representing the Mother Africa Trust. The Trust supports orphaned students from a local school in the Matopas.


Handing over clothes to Billy Dally, representing the Mother Africa Trust


Your Christmas Shopping Can Help To Raise Funds

For all those of you in the UK. If you will be buying gifts online this Christmas please consider doing it through 'Give As You Live'. Many of the top companies such as Amazon, M&S, John Lewis, Tescos, Next and eBay etc are listed with them and everytime you buy something a donation will be made to the Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK. Over 4000 companies are participating. It doesn't cost you anything extra.


Join me in raising FREE donations for charity

I raise FREE donations for my favourite charity simply by shopping online via Give as you Live. You can shop at over 4,000 top online retailers, and when you do Give…


Well, the week has arrived! Following months of training and couple of niggling injuries along the way – which is quite frankly to be expected! – this week is all about putting your feet up, rest as much as possible and eat just wait for Sunday to arrive!

I really cannot wait now and I feel ready. As I’ve ran the London Marathon once before, I know how amazing the atmosphere is going to be. It’s such a positive, uplifting and emotional day – in fact one of my favourite days of the year! To be able to take part in the marathon itself is nothing short but an honour as tens of thousands of runners get turned down every year.

The Virgin London Marathon is the biggest fundraising event in the world. It’s all about raising awareness and money for good causes. I’m really proud to be representing the Zimbabwe Aid Fund and it’s still not too late to sponsor me and to support their vital work! Just click on the link below – every donation counts no matter how big or small!

Many thanks in advance!



Tor Clausen - London Marathon Update

"I can't believe we're already in March! Although I did some running leading up to Christmas, the structured training (the Virgin London Marathon provides a proper training plan) started early January. So since then I've been running four times a week. Once a week (normally weekends) we have to do a long run - these runs are essential as they help building up the endurance and to prepare the body for those 26.2 miles! I'm currently at 10 miles, which is where I should be at this stage - so all good so far!
Apart from a few blisters - no injuries yet! Avoiding injuries is key in marathon training as you really don't want a massive gap in your training plan! I do my runs in the morning before work, so the cold weather is another factor - but being Norwegian this is something I'm used to so the freezing cold won't stop me!
The next milestone is the Silverstone Half Marathon on Sunday 15th March which I will also run. This is a great opportunity to fine tune the race training and just to get used to run alongside many runners. I didn't do that last time I ran the Virgin London Marathon, so quite looking forward to the 15th March.
I will keep you all updated!

Please support Tor in raising money for the elderly in Zimbabwe by clicking on the Virgin Money London Marathon link.


Weekend For Two at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge

We are delighted to be able to announce that the final winning bid for the fully inclusive weekend for two at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge was US$678 which is the full value of the prize.

We would like to thank everyone who put in bids. We are very grateful for your support. Very special thanks to Pamuzinda Safari Lodge for supporting the ZAF.

Bidding Update:

Weekend For Two at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge

With one week to go we have a bid for this amazing weekend of US$525. Come on everyone this is a fantastic value all inclusive weekend. It is for a great cause so get your bids in before the 28th. Thank you to all those who have bid so far. Why not give it another go?

Weekend For Two at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge

We are delighted to announce that Phil Dobinson the Managing Director of the Dunhu Ramambo Group, has very kindly donated a weekend for two at the wonderful Pamuzinda Safari Lodge which is located one hour outside of Harare. This is on a full board basis and the weekend package is valued at US$678. We are selling the weekend to the highest bidder on a silent bid basis. This would be a wonderful opportunity for a romantic weekend getaway or perhaps as a gift for a relative or friend.

Pamuzinda is a world class safari lodge situated on the banks of the Serui River, in the heart of a large private game park. The lodge is just over an hours drive from Harare. There are 13 individual lodges plus the Royal Lodge Complex and most lodges are located along the river. Besides the Royal Suite, 7 of the lodges have stunning private “garden rooms” Every garden room is individually designed and boasts an outdoor shower , private furnished patio & ‘under star’ day or night beds (we will make these beds up for you with full mosquito nets if required). The view from within each garden room has been specifically designed to give you a stunning view over the river and into the bush yet still maintaining your utmost privacy. Pamuzinda carries a unique character and charm like no other lodge in Zimbabwe.

To place a bid for this wonderful weekend send your bid to

and in the subject line simply put in the amount you want to bid. Bids close on the 28th February. All bids are confidential and we will keep you up to date as bidding progresses.

Please support this very worthwhile cause.

Pamuzinda Website:  



London Marathon - 26th April 2015

We are delighted that Tor Clausen will be representing the ZAF in this years London Marathon and raising much needed funds for the elderly. Please support Tor in this very worthwhile cause if you are able to do ... every donation counts no matter how small.

Tor Clausen: "I think the work that the Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK is doing is simply amazing - and so important! We read headlines in the news every day on how difficult the life of the elderly is here in the UK - I can only imagine how difficult it must be for the elderly in Zimbabwe. I have nothing but utmost respect for the more senior generation...

I'm a very positive and outgoing person and my glass tends to be half full rather than half empty. My motto in life really is quite simple: put a smile on someone's face everyday! A smile costs nothing...

I do have a strong passion for charity work which is also reflected in my professional career. Up until recently, I spent three years working full time in the fundraising department for an arthritis charity, so I'm well aware of the importance and the impact of the work charities do. In fact, I ran the Virgin London Marathon for them in 2013 ... As for my running time target, I wanted to run the marathon under 4 hours, but my official time was 4 hours and 1 minute!!!! I'm not going to lie, bit gutted, and my target is to do it under 4 hours on Sunday 26th April 2015!

I do love my running and I just feel so lucky and honoured to be able to help raise money for the ZAF whilst taking part in what I believe is the greatest marathon on earth! The crowds are amazing and the day is just so positive, uplifting and electric! I will also be running the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon on 15th March 2015 as part of my training.

I just want to say a big thank you to the Zimbabwe Aid Fund for allowing me to help support their work. And - please donate generously! I know for a fact that the blood, sweat and tears will be all worth it!



Fantastic effort! Congratulations to the Zimbabwe Aid Fund Australia who have raised a staggering $65,000 dollars net (Approx £35,500) from the proceeds of a Raffle and Golf day.  Well done to all those involved and a special thanks to all those people who continue to support the ZAF for this much needed cause. The ZAF is run by volunteers and all funds raised go to the destitute elderly in Zimbabwe.

If you would like to support the ZAF you can do so through this website and ZAF Australia


The mobile oxygen unit enables staff to quickly administer oxygen without having to cart around heavy oxygen cylinders. (See photo gallery)

     Sean Kelly handing over a donated mobile oxygen unit to Edith Duly Nursing Home staff - Winnie Sipiwe, Leila Hunt, Sean Kelly, Sr Chideme & Sr Jubane. The oxygen unit was donated by Mrs Pam Dibden (Hampshire UK)

 Fundraising Triathlon Raises £1056

The ZAF would like to thank Neil and Georgie Kelly and Mike and Rosie Zollo who all successfully competed in the Swanage Classic Sprint Triathlon in Dorset (UK) for their amazing efforts in raising £1056 in just two weeks. The event was held in appalling weather conditions but this team, self styed 'The Winners' all completed the course unscathed. Well done guys and thank you so much for your efforts.   

ZAF Sponsors Rehabilitation Officer 

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund is proud to sponsor the much needed services of Winifred Sipiwe, a very experienced rehabilitation officer.

Edith Duly Nursing Home has long been in need of a specialised rehabilitation officer, but tight budget constraints and the “brain drain” of people experienced in the field have meant that the services of such a person were far out of reach. But, in the back of everyone’s mind was the knowledge that if the Home was to offer the level of care expected, the lack of such a person was indeed a negative feature.

 Our Home is the only Nursing Home in Zimbabwe that is registered with AHFOZ (Association of Hospital Funders of Zimbabwe) and as such, claims are processed for those lucky enough to be on Medical Aid when private Physiotherapists are called in. But what about the majority of residents who fall into the category of “no medical assistance”? Those stroke victims who have no avenue for specialised rehabilitation care? The numerous old dears who have broken limbs or hips and for whom there is no funding for operations?

When Winnie approached our Home seeking employment after returning from 7 years in Botswana she was viewed as “Heaven Sent”. The offer of service by such a highly qualified and experienced person does not come to us often and it did not take management long to make a decision – employ her NOW and work on how to keep her! Winnie has been contracted for twelve months due to the kind support of the Zimbabwe Aid Fund. It is sincerely hoped that we will not only be able to renew her contract, but that we will be able to offer her a permanent position.

 In Winnie’s words are the reasons we would want to keep this amazing lady in our employ.

“My first months at Edith Duly has been every exciting. Working with old people is a big challenge both psychologically and spiritually. I have learnt to adjust myself to suit their level and the conditions that they have. For the day to be pleasant, I must be patient and keep a smile on my face!

I enjoy working with the elderly and after having looked after my grandmother who passed on at the age of 93 in 2011, I realised that I wanted to give back to this sector of society. I had been working with children but on my return to Zimbabwe, I was ready for the change.

 It is not always easy! They sometimes shout at me or say unkind things when exercise causes pain, but despite this, they need to be loved for the remaining years of their lives. I like to think that my natural patience and cheerful disposition will win them over!”

Beyond the headlines ...

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK (ZAF) has been established for the purpose of sourcing medical equipment and consumables and raising funds to support the pensioners in Zimbabwe. The plight of the elderly is one of the less publicised outcomes of Zimbabwe's social, economic and political collapse.

There are a number of facilities for the aged spread throughout Zimbabwe, most of which are dependent on various levels of external funding to survive. Whilst the raising of funds for food is vital, of equal importance is the provision of medical services. Most of the medical facilities in Zimbabwe are run down. There is a lack of trained staff, a shortage of funds for medicines and consumables and most of the equipment is extremely old with many items being unserviceable as there are not the funds, skills or spare parts to repair them.

SCS Newsletter

April 2012. New SCS web site launched.

The current version of the newsletter is available here